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12 December 1980
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I am so smart...S...M...R...T
311, a big warm blanket, a good book, acdc, aerosmith, allman brothers band, almost famous, arms of atlas, art, atlanta, audioslave, ballet, beach boys, beaches, beatles, billy joel, billy madison, black crowes, blink, bob dylan, bob marley, bright eyes, bruce springsteen, buffalo wings, california, camping, cereal, classic rock, coldplay, coloring, cookies, creedence, cuddling, dancing, dazed and confused, dead poets society, drawing, dreaming, drinks now and then, empire records, foo fighters, forrest gump, fridays, garden state, george harrison, georgia, get up kids, glasseater, goldfinger, goonies, green day, guns n roses, happy gilmore, history, hoodies, huskies, jack johnson, jack kerouac, jet, jimi hendrix, john lennon, jrr tolkien, kevin smith movies, kissing, lao, laughing, learning, led zeppelin, live, long island iced teas, lord of the rings, lost in translation, lynryd skynyrd, metallica, modest mouse, monkeys, music, nin, nirvana, nofx, oasis, old school, outdoors, ozzy, painting, paul mccartney, peach pot, pearl jam, photography, pink floyd, pizza, punk rock, radiohead, rage, rainy days, rancid, reading, red hot chili peppers, rice, road trips, rock music, rolling stone, rum, rush, saves the day, sleep, smashing pumpkins, snowboarding, soccer, soundgarden, spaghetti, spinal tap, star wars, stars, sublime, sum 41, summer, sunsets, tap, the ataris, the beach, the doors, the hobbit, the ocean, the rolling stones, the spot, the toadies, the who, tom petty, ugly casanova, van morrison, velvet revolver, warm georgia nights, weezer, willy wonka, writing, yoda, you suck something...